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Chak-Hao Black Rice

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Ayuzera Chak Hao



Ayuzera brings to you, Authentic Black rice from the soils of Manipur. Black rice is a unique variety of rice; grown within the northeastern region of India. It gets its signature black-purple colour from a pigment called Anthocyanin, which has potent antioxidant properties.


Chak hao is a Manipuri word that means "Delicious Rice". The name does justice to the rice. Along with its unique taste and flavour, it has very high nutraceutical properties.


Rich in plenty of benefits, Chak Hao rice is a healthy choice for everyone. 

Some common benefits of Ayuzera Chak Hao Black Rice are: 

● Rich in antioxidants 

● Boosts Heart Health

● Have anti-cancer properties 

● Supports Eye Health

● Naturally gluten-free

● Aids in weight loss 

● Helps to control diabetes 

● Great source of iron.

● GMO-free


Why choose us?

We provide Exotic, naturally delicious Rice that is handpicked and 3 levels cleansed to ensure the Best Quality. The Rice is semi-polished to keep the maximum nutrition, aroma, colour and taste intact. 3 Layer packaging is done to preserve the quality.


How to Use?

● Rinse black rice thoroughly before use.

● Soak overnight 

● Add 6 cups of boiling water and cook for 35-40 minutes for a ceramic texture

● Avoid pressure cooker and cook in an open vessel 


Black Rice has many cultural benefits too. Such as:

● It is used in rituals and community feasts

● It is also offered to pregnant women before childbirth.


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