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Collagen Peptide

MRP ₹ 3990

product details

Winzera Tangy Orange Multi Collagen Peptides


About the Product:

Collagen Peptides are small pieces of protein made from collagen. It plays an important role in forming healthy cartilage, bone, and skin.


The production of Collagen in our body slows down as we age. This may become a reason to problems like: 

● Dull or Thin Hair

● Wrinkles

● Muscle Aches

● Joint Pains 

● Dental Issues

● Loss of Mobility

● Abnormal Blood Pressure


Taking Collagen peptides by mouth can have a number of benefits. They can build up Collagen levels in our body. Collagen Peptide supplements are easily digestible because they have a low molecular weight. They can dissolve in cold as well as hot water. When taken immediately after exercise, it may also help in muscle building. 


What Makes it Special:

Enriched with Biotin, Sea Buckthorn, Glutathione, Rosehip and Hyaluronic Acid. These special ingredients work together to give us immense benefits:

● Youthful Skin

● Healthy weight

● Lean and healthy muscles

● Strong Gut

● Healthy and strong bones 

● Flexible Joints


How To Use?

Add 1 scoop of Winzera Tangy Orange Multi Collagen Peptide into a glass of water or juice. No need to add sugar. Consume 1 or 2 times daily or as directed by your health care expert.


What you should know?

This product is Sugar-free, GMO-free, Gluten-Free and there is No Soy in this product.

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