We believe in humanizing commerce and delivering happiness by embracing advancement through collaboration — building a collective of Brand Partners whose voice, influence and input shapes our success and every aspect of our business. This shared ownership is in our DNA and what propels our shared purpose — giving power to the people and ultimate bragging rights for being a central part of huge company initiatives and decisions.


Everything rises and falls with leadership in today’s fast-moving world. We understood this need and the School of Leadership, SOL – as many know it, was born. SOL believes in uplifting every individual’s confidence and empower him/her with a great personality. Already, lakhs of people have benefited from the training and educational program of leaders at SOL. SOL aims to fill the void between who you are and who you want to be through its immaculate and well-crafted training programs catering to the needs of the future.


In the quest of providing unmatchable training system in the industry, Winzera has partnered with Rallyware, a leader in providing Performance Enablement Platform, to train its leaders and also to give them data analysis tools which have been created using cutting edge technology of software experts from all over the world.

Rallyware Inc. is a name to rely upon by the industry leaders in the U.S. and the European markets. Leading Industry Consultants and organizations have put immense faith in the abilities of the experts at Rallyware Inc. As the industry looks poised for an astronomical growth, Winzera feels proud to introduce a marquee company like Rallyware Inc. to the Indian industry for the first time.

Franchise Owners

Winzera celebrates the vision of Franchise owners who form the core of our Brand Partners. We hope that our partners carry the legacy of Winzera and work with zeal and honesty in their day-to-day operations. We believe that our brand partners will amaze our customers with the quality of service.

Hey Partner!

We cherish your loyalty and integrity towards your organization. Together, let’s envision that we provide quick and awesome service to our consumers in every corner of the country and later the world.